The Physical Geography of the Sea (2017)
(with Aly Ogasian)

The Physical Geography of the Sea is part of the work Farthest North. It reveals a buoy tracing the flow of the gulf stream from the Gulf of Mexico to Danskøya (an island in the High Arctic where Andrée built his balloon house), and into the pack ice near the North Pole, marking significant points that intersect with Andrée’s expedition route. The work combines text from our personal expedition journals, the journals of an early arctic explorer, and the writings of Mathew Fontaine Maury, father of modern oceanography.

Plumb line made from rock collected at Dane’s Island.Upper video splicing together video of Arctic ice and Florida sky. Water collected along expedition route with caps painted to match the color of the water as it appeared that day. Lower video tracing our route along the west coast of Svalbard to Dane’s Island, and interspersed with text from our journals, Andrée’s writing, and the writing of Mathew Fontaine Maury, an early oceanographer. Audio recorded in the high Arctic and the Gulf of Mexico.

all images © Claudia O’Steen studio/ all rights reserved