Claudia O'Steen is a practicing artist and Assistant Professor of Fine Arts at Winthrop University (b. Northwest Alabama, 1984). Claudia received her BFA from Watkins College of Art Design & Film, and her MFA in Digital+Media at Rhode Island School of Design.

O'Steen's work points to a never-ending process, a series of attempts to measure an infinite line, to chart the color of the sky, to capture the single point where a shift occurs in a limitless expanse. She uses sculpture as a tool for observation and perception by creating instruments and devices that capture and translate transitional moments, returning information distorted, amplified, and transformed. Using these devices, she attempts to orient herself by examining place via the lens of personal experience and primary observation, often selecting points that are ultimately impossible to calibrate against. Failure, error, and disorientation are all important means to understanding her circuitous process of discovery.

Through her research-based practice, O'Steen examines navigation, exploration, perception, and the experience of being lost. She creates languages to convey distance, scale, and direction, giving evidence to a process that has taken place and creates landscapes supplemented by scientific curiosity and human memory.


Photo courtesy of Meshaal Malik

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