The On-going-ness of Earth and Humankind (2022-2023)
(with E.E Balcos and Leonard Mark Lewis)

The On-going-ness of Earth and Humankind is a transdisciplinary work exists at the intersections of music, digital art, dance, and research. We are a collaborative group exploring the themes of physical movement, nature and the environment as impacted by climate change, our bodily connection to the natural environment, and the ways in which this connection can be expressed and communicated through a range of artistic media. We address the world’s natural resources and its relationship with humankind. Incorporating somatic practice is important in this creative process as internal awareness of different systems of the body can create metaphors for different aspects of natural elements such as the earth, water, and air.

The music composition responds through movement and fluidity. The elements often change from performance to performance. While there is an overarching energy and shape, the notes quickly take a different direction, key, color, or rhythmic pattern according to the movement and images. The movement and images in turn take impetus from the sonic landscape. The video imagery moves from the micro to the macro— from the body to the earth. The projection itself uses light and image to respond to movement and sound by placing specific imagery directly onto the body and onto curated spaces. Understanding the relationship between micro and macro, body and earth, promotes poetic thinking and challenges viewers to create a direct connection between human activity and climate change. This work demonstrates how the merging of disciplines can reach a wider audience, lead to novel studies, and promote ecologically minded practice.

First 5 photographs by Kat Lawrence

all images © Claudia O’Steen studio/ all rights reserved