Lunar Modul

Affective Fallacy

Genius Loci

Australopithecus Sediba 

Homo floresiensis

Endless Forms

Measure my love in time-
Water through a sieve-
Existing as Egyptians
for the shadow on a sundial
While you position your stars
synchronize our heartbeats
-syncopate our thoughts-
pass our time 17 years underground
then die with the cicadas
This heart is swinging
--holding breath for ticking seconds--
but pendulums aren't perfect.
We will be together
in no time.

Ambiguous intervals of time
defining the speed of light
-defining each other-
can't create time-lapse.
Oh infallible guide to my heart,
bear friction of gravitational fields
giving greater resistance to my madness
--shown by the motion of the stars--
Veritable and acute.

Make an example of Newton
and know
that with this heart that you misuse-
real love like real time
doesn't depend on sensible measure-
By the clocks we use
truth is confused--
Love of itself
and from its own nature
flows constant,
independent of implicit opinions.

Don't demean my love
with measures of motion
or fickle movements of the sun.
Don't argue what is true
for conventionalist convenience
-Nothing is perfect-
Like the purest atomic clock
-losing seconds-
is this love.
We will be together in
no time.

all images © Claudia O’Steen studio/ all rights reserved